Dear SJS Families, 

As the year progresses, we remain committed to the health and safety of every SJS student. The measures in place are recommended by the CDC and Louisiana Dept. of Health and are done to limit the spread of the Covid-19. While no measure is flawless, they remain the best defense against the virus. 

There is always “something extra” that we can do. Everyone should have a mask. Every student in grades 3-8 is required to wear masks and should have one that fits. There are several places that have masks even for KVillage students. Try the Beauclair Family or Old Navy. If you forget your child’s mask, please come by the office and have them put it on before they enter the school. 

Be very specific about the company we keep. Out of town guests, a visit to a sports tourna-ment, a trip to the bowling alley, or even a simple dinner in the restaurant could lead to a visit to your physician or even a 14-day quarantine. The important thing is to realize we are doing this for ourselves as much as we are for each other. 

Monitor your child’s symptoms everyday. Paying attention to the little things is a service to every little Falcon out there. Let us remain committed to this cause and continue to pray for one another.