Dear SJS Families,

Thank you. It is obvious that the inaugural Falcon Fest was a success. This is because of the support from our school and church community who went out of their way to see it as such. One of the the worst things that has occurred throughout the experience of this health crisis has been the inability of our school community to come together with joy and fellowship. Thankfully, the event was able to take place.

This was due to the efforts of our SJS PTO who supports our school in so many ways. You sought out sponsors. You spread the word to your families and neighbors. You had planning meetings. You volunteered before, during, and after the event to make this happen. While the event was a great fundraiser for our school, it will remain part of our annual calendar because it brings the entire St. Joseph family together to experience something good and virtuous on a fall Saturday night.

While there are many individuals to thank, we are grateful for the efforts of Dr. Cat Foret and the PTO Falcon Fest Committee for getting the inaugural event off of the ground.

We have many activities on our calendar that we look forward to having throughout the school year. We will utilize a healthy sense of caution when allowing for such activities. Let us pray for the success of all future events and give thanks for such a wonderful St. Joseph community that works so hard to provide so much for our students at this school.

St. Joseph, pray for us.