Dear St. Joseph Families,

One of the most important things about any person is their culture and heritage. It speaks to a way of life that some of us, especially our families, have lived for generations. It something that is woven deeply into the fabric of our beings. It is never something to shy away from, bur rather, to be celebrated. This Wednesday, at 2PM, we will have our Spanish Showcase. Ms. Sanchez’s class is a very important subject at our school.

Our students in grades 1-8 do not simply learn a new language. They learn about the many many Hispanic cultures and traditions of many different countries.

Her students have been practicing for many weeks for this presentation of life and we hope you will enjoy this amazing day. We also hope that with such appreciation developed for the different expressions of culture, our students may bring this lesson into their lives.

Our faith is precious to us. Each day, we not only strive to learn about our faith. We strive to live it each and everyday through the virtues we learn. Each month, we are given examples of virtue to live by. We call these examples- these witnesses of virtue- saints.

To be a saint is the call of each Christian and we honor those who have lived out the teachings of Christ. Join us on All Saints Day, Tuesday, November 1st. It is a holy day of obligation for the Catholic Church and it is a day in which we celebrate the friends of Christ. Our K5 will have an inspiring performance so you won’t want to miss out. St. Joseph, pray for us.

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Falcon News Oct. 25, 2022