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Falcon News, October 2, 2023

Dear St. Joseph Families, It is my hope that our students finish strong at the end of the 9 weeks grading period. To this point, it is also a time to take inventory of student progress. While we do not have parent-teacher conferences on the calendar this year, initiating communication with your child’s teacher is [...]

Falcon News, September 25, 2023

Dear St. Joseph Families, Have you bought your tickets to Falcon Fest? This has quickly become one of the most fun ways that the entire family can enjoy while supporting St. Joseph Catholic School. It is an event that brings together the entire community so we hope to see you there. This is an annual [...]

Falcon News, September 18, 2023

Dear St. Joseph Families, Happy Anniversary! St. Joseph Catholic School now celebrates 72 years of Catholic education right here in Shreveport. It is a blessing that our school is a mainstay in our local community, striving for academic excellence in a faith-filled environment. It is important that we as a school never stray from this [...]

Falcon News, September 11, 2023

Dear St. Joseph Families, In Catholic education, words such as stewardship, tithing, and charity are expressed regularly, but at St. Joseph Catholic School, we like to provide these terms with proper application. Stewardship can mean the managing of resources provided by God. Tithing refers to voluntary giving. Charity is the voluntary giving of help. Making a [...]

Falcon News, September 5, 2023

Dear St. Joseph Families, Last week, you may recall, we said goodbye to Ms. Peggy Gremillion. We are grateful for her service of over 25 years, caring for the St. Joseph community. In her honor, there is a statue of the Blessed Mother, Ms. Peggy’s favorite saint, located outside of the school office. At this [...]

Falcon News, August 28, 2023

Dear St. Joseph Families, Today's Falcon News memo is provided by our beloved, Ms. Peggy Gremillion. As many of you are aware, she is retiring. I think this is a wonderful opportunity to read what she has in her heart for the St. Joseph Catholic School community. My Dear SJS Family, God truly blessed me [...]

Dear St. Joseph Families, IT IS HOT. It is very hot. Due to the rise in temperatures in these August afternoons, we are monitoring the weather and determining whether or not it is safe for students to be outside. I realize that many families will send their kids outside to play at different times but [...]

Falcon News, August 14, 2023

Dear St. Joseph Families, As we begin the 2023-24 school year, I remind everyone that this is the month where we focus on the virtue of kindness. Please, take time to read the following page with your child. Maybe do so once a week. It is important that our children have a clear understanding of [...]

Falcon News, August 9, 2023 WELCOME BACK!

Dear St. Joseph Families, Welcome to the new school year at St. Joseph Catholic School! We welcome 320 students through our doors and we pray that each one experiences the blessings of almighty God each day on our campus. We are also blessed to have seen numbers increase for the 4th consecutive school year. While [...]

Falcon News, May 22, 2023

Dear St. Joseph Families, The final week of school has arrived! It has been a long journey but what a wonderful path we have taken. There will be much to celebrate this week. First, our precious K5 classes will have their graduation into elementary school on Thursday morning. It amazing to see how much they [...]

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