Dear St. Joseph Families,

Gratitude is such an amazing virtue for this month. I think it is something we can never overlook and it should be part of our daily prayer. I want to take a moment to express my gratitude to all of you. All Saints Day marked 3 full calendar years since my family joined this community coming from Alexandria. Everyday is a blessing- even the days that do not run so smoothly as we wish.

There are many tours on the calendar this week. We had about 5 last week. Each person that I visit with seems to know someone who attends here. 75% of the prospective families are interested because of something you said about the school. It makes communicating all aspects of SJS much easier. One of my favorite parts about the tour is when the families get the opportunity to listen to the teachers. What they find out quickly is how dedicated and loving each teacher is. Each day, they strive to give of themselves completely for the sake of the students. Teachers, thank you for the blessing you are to our students.

Parents, you choose SJS and support our work because of what you desire for your children. It is truly a blessing to see them grow in the knowledge of Christ and in true understanding of his ways. May God bless you with joy and rest during our much-deserved Thanksgiving break. St. Joseph, pray for us.


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Falcon News Nov. 14, 2022