Progress Reports will go home on Wednesday, September 9th. Remember that with the first progress reports, there are many things that are still coming up. Often times, students get overly excited and feel like it is ok to take a break from the rigor of the academic schedule. On the contrary, it is normally a time to stay disciplined and on top of matters even more. This first 9 Weeks is no do doubt a different experience for teachers and students alike and many out-of-the-ordinary experiences may distract us from this primary focus. 

I would like to suggest a few things to help you for the rest of the grading period. 

1– Regularly check your child’s grades on Plus Portals. Gradebooks are updated regularly and this will allow you to converse with your child about where they stand. 

2– If you ever have a concern regarding academics, the first step is to visit with your child’s teacher. They typically respond within 24 hours. 

3– Be disciplined with having your child in bed on time at night and to school on time each morning. There are always additional factors that impact a student being here so please communicate. 

4– If homework is taking longer than the recommended time, communicate with the teacher. It may be that the child is having difficulties and did fully understand the procedures gone over in class. As always, communication is key.