Remember that Fall Break this year is Monday, October 12th and Tuesday, October 13th! 


Dear Parents, if you are interested in serving as a substitute teacher at SJS this year, please contact Mrs. Pam for an application. You will be required to complete the Protecting God’s Children course, be able to pass a criminal background check (no arrests), and you must remain up-to-date on Virtus bulletins. You may specify if you wish to work with K-village, Elementary, Middle School, or all. Your assistance is needed and appreciated! 


Don’t forget! Friday is the end of the First 9 Weeks. It is hard to believe we have been in school for 1 quarter of the year! Be sure to stay on top of your child about finishing strong in the final days of the grading period. Let us also remember pray for our all of our students. 


While we have many changes during the school year, one things that has not is the start time of the school day. All vehicles wishing to utilize carpool be here by 7:40AM (Please see handbook Pg. 36, Pt. 3.) 

Starting Tuesday, if you arrive after 7:40AM, whether other cars are in line or not, you will need to escort your child to the office and check them in. Teachers must get to their classes at 7:40AM to begin instruction for the school day. We have permitted almost 9 weeks for such an adjustment. Thank you for understanding. It is important for us to pro-vide a full day of quality instruction that you have come to expect at St. Joseph Catholic School. 


YEARBOOK https://www.jostens.com/apps/store/productDetail/1067928/Saint-Joseph-School/Yearbook/2020082004295337799/CATALOG_SHOP/YB_BOOKS/Yearbook/2020082004295341099/#review