Dear SJS Parents, 

Thank you for your cooperation with the virtual parent-teacher conferences. There were many productive meetings. We are aware of a few technical issues for some but we luckily those were worked out. If you did not get to meet with your teacher and you still need to meet with them, please try to schedule an appoint-ment soon. I do not recommend always waiting until the end of the 9 weeks. Be sure to check your child’s grades regularly on Plus Portals and communicate with your child’s teacher(s). 

We are moving to colder weather soon and that means we are moving towards flu season. Dr. John Vanchieri, regional expert on infectious diseases, recently met with the principals of the Diocese. It is his recommendation that all indi-viduals wear masks whenever possible (with breaks, of course). This is a recommendation not just because of Covid-19, but with the up-coming flu season we’re about to enter. Always listen to your children when they say they don’t feel well and monitor their symptoms. 

Finally, we thank you for your patience during the first quarter. It is a much different environ-ment not having our families on campus with us. We have slowly begun allowing families onto the campus at different locations like the play-ground and the church for different activities. We do have to set limits, whether the event is inside or outside, with health and safety of our students in mind. They will always be the priority with mitigation strategies. We appre- ciate the observance of these measures by all of our guests.