Dear St. Joseph Families, What blessings we experienced last week! Thank you for joining us on Friday, October 7th for the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary. We enjoyed praying with everyone to honor our Blessed Mother and our Lord, Jesus Christ in a form of public witness. Additionally, I wish to express gratitude to the following parents who assisted with the rosary: Lauren Merrick, Jaqueline Woods, Marie-Alice Hobley, and Laura Love. Thank you also to our students from the 8th grade class who led us in prayer.

I don’t know what specifically was prayed for but it may have been for a very, very successful Falcon Fest! I wish to personally say thank you to our sponsors for making the event happen. Every penny and every ounce of energy that was spent on this event was done for the sake of our students. I wish to personally thank our event coordinators, Cat Foret and Kirsten Shrewsberry. They worked with a host of fellow parents to make this wonderful event happen.

Prayer. Fellowship. Service. When I think of my family, these are the gifts that my parents shared with me and it is a blessing to experience these same gifts of virtue at St. Joseph Catholic School. As we draw this first nine weeks to a close, let us continue to focus our efforts and our prayers towards the good of our students, the children of this great, loving family. May the good work that has begun within us continue to bear fruit that will last a lifetime within their minds and hearts. St. Joseph, pray for us.

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Falcon News Oct. 10, 2022