Dear SJS Families, 

As the celebration of Thanksgiving approaches, there is much for which we should be thankful. First, let us remember that our students are amazing, young people. It brought us so much joy that our students showed great concern for our community. This past week, our NJHS and NEHS co-sponsored a fundraiser to feed the homeless in our area. We are able to provide 439 MEALS!!! Feeding the hungry is such an im-portant Work of Mercy. Let us pray for those who go without food and be thankful for the blessings provided for others. 

As principal, I am grateful for the patience and understanding shown in the midst of this pandemic. There are many changes that were mandatory. With change comes hardship. With hardship comes frustration. Knowing this is a matter beyond our con-trol, the continual support of the mission of St. Joseph Catholic School is greatly appreciated. 

Finally, I must express my gratitude towards the fac-ulty and staff of our school. With the extra responsibili-ties, busier school days, students in and out of quaran-tine, teaching in-person and virtually, not being able to do all of the old “fun things” as we did in years past has all made it more difficult on this profession than most. I feel as though each day that this faculty shows up to work diligently to keep the students both safe and en-gaged in the midst of all the burdens they carry. Each day, I promise you, the students come first. If you do not understand the meaning of the phrase, “Love until it hurts and then love some more,” become a teacher. 

This does not mean that the year has been easy for anyone. Hardships may lie ahead. Let us trust in the Lord to guide through the difficult times. May we be thankful for the many blessings we have given to all of us, and let us all have a Happy Thanksgiving!