Dear St. Joseph Families,

IT IS HOT. It is very hot. Due to the rise in temperatures in these August afternoons, we are monitoring the weather and determining whether or not it is safe for students to be outside. I realize that many families will send their kids outside to play at different times but as you entrust them to us, we want to keep them safe from the extreme heat. High’s this week are predicted to be between 104 and 107. Please advise your children to drink lots of water each day to stay hydrated.

DON’T FORGET! Back to School Night is this THURSDAY at 6 PM. We will begin in the our school gym and will disperse to the different grade levels from 1st through 8th. It is an opportunity for you to receive valuable information from your child’s teachers regarding the school year and what to expect this year. Additionally, you will be able to purchase PTO items and sign up for activities.

IF YOU PLAN TO SERVE AS A VOLUNTEER of any kind for the school that deals with our students you MUST go through the Protecting God’s Children course. Sign up by going to

HAVE KIDS TO SCHOOL ON TIME! We are now into the routine of the school year. Please make sure students are school by 7:40 AM. When students have 3 unexcused tardies, it converts to a 1/2 day unexcused absence. More importantly, students miss out on critical instruction time. Thank you for your collaboration and cooperation. St. Joseph, pray for us.

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Falcon News August 21, 2023