Dear of Parents After School Care Children, 
Here are a few important instructions regarding picking up your child from after school care:

- Parents must wear a mask when coming on campus.

- Little Care (k3 and k4) will be in the first room on the right side in Gremillion Hall. Please ring the door bell/knock and please wait outside the classroom door. The Little Care staff will bring your child to you.

- If you are picking up a student from the older grades (K5-8) please go the side gate to the right of Gremillion Hall. Go to the door of the cafeteria.  The ASC Staff will bring your child to you. Do not go through the hallways of the school.

- If you are picking up any child from the playground, use the black gate on the right side of Gremillion Hall,  and go through the red door by the gym, leading to the playground. 

- To exit the playground, please use the same red door by the gym and same gate on the side of Gremillion Hall.

Following these instructions helps us to guarantee a safe and healthy SJS campus. Please communicate these instructions to anyone you have ok'd to pick up your child.  Thank you for your assistance and understanding.

For more information check out:

All children need to have the After School Care form filled out prior to attending.

If you have any questions, please contact the school office by email or phone at 865-3585.