Faculty & Staff



Clayton Cobb
Email: ccobb@sjsfalcons.org

Katherine Suckle
Instructional Coordinator
Email: ksuckle@sjsfalcons.org

Pam Hostetler
Administrative Assistant
Email: phostetler@sjsfalcons.org

Carolyn Boley
School Interventionist
Email: cvboley@sjsfalcons.org

Michael Stanaland
IT/ KJOE/ Technology Teacher
Email: mstanaland@sjsfalcons.org

Middle School Faculty

Katie Walker
Middle School Science
Email: kwalker@sjsfalcons.org

Amy Scott
Middle School Math
Email: ascott@sjsfalcons.org

Jane Kelly
7/8 RLA
Email: jkelly@sjsfalcons.org

Colt Brister
MS Social Studies
Email: brister@sjsfalcons.org

Hillary Grantham
6/7 RLA
Email: hgrantham@sjsfalcons.org

Elementary Faculty

Gabby Franks
5th Grade Math and Science, Cheerleading Supervisor
Email: gfranks@sjsfalcons.org

Jillian McAlpin
5th Grade ELA and Social Studies
Email: jmcalpin@sjsfalcons.org

Suzanne Harbert
4th Grade ELA and Social Studies, NEHS Rep
Email: sharber@sjsfalcons.org

Rebecca Pippin
4th Grade Math and Science, NEHS Rep
Email: kwalker@sjsfalcons.org

Julianne Taylor
3rd Grade
Email: lhoffman@sjsfalcons.org

Julie Kaiser
2nd Grade Reading and Social Studies
Email: jkaiser@sjsfalcons.org

Janie Johnson
1st Grade
Email: jjohnson@sjsfalcons.org

Megan Crim
3B Homeroom
Email: mcrim@sjsfalcons.org

Kindergarten Village

Ashley Altimus
K5 Homeroom
Email: aaltimus@sjsfalcons.org

Catherine Long
K5 Homeroom
Email: clong@sjsfalcons.org

Darlene Gamble
K5 Aide
Email: dgamble@sjsfalcons.org

Suzanne Neely
K4 Homeroom
Email: sneely@sjsfalcons.org

Bridget Morgan
K4 Aide
Email: bmorgan@sjsfalcons.org

Tenelle Newton
K4B Homeroom
Email: tnewton@sjsfalcons.org

Jennifer Clark
K4 Aide
Email: jclark@sjsfalcons.org

Angie Daniel
K3 Homeroom
Email: adaniel@sjsfalcons.org

Lauren Castro-Vicarrio
K3 Aide
Email: lcastro@sjsfalcons.org

Faith Formation & Instruction

Polly Maciulski
Middle School Religion/Confirmation
Email: pmaciulski@sjsfalcons.org

Gloria Patterson
1st-4th Grade Religion/ First Communion
Email: gpatterson@sjsfalcons.org


Betty Sanchez
Spanish 1-8
Email: bsanchez@sjsfalcons.org

Melissa Wolcott
Art, Yearkbook, STREAM
Email: mwolcott@sjsfalcons.org

Leah Drinkard
Music & 5th Grade
Email: ldrinkard@sjsfalcons.org

Mallory Andries
Library/ STREAM
Email: Mandries@sjsfalcons.org

Zach Schonfarber
Email: zschonfarber@sjsfalcons.org