Dear SJS Families, 

We are journeying towards the end of our first 9 weeks. We all have had different expectations as to what this year would bring. Nonetheless, it is the time of the season to observe Plus Portals and Wednesday folders a little more carefully. It is also important to find out from the teach-ers how you may motivate your child in order to solidify those academic goals. No matter what the year brings, we our a Catholic school and excellence in academics is part of our mission. 

Another aspect of the school that is so vital to our identity is our call to service. The impact of Hurricane Laura was felt all the way up here. Knowing Lake Charles suffered greatly, our students decided to have a couple of fundraisers for those who were either in need or who braved the difficult storm to care for others. You will see more about that on the next page. 

Finally, I want to assure you that after regular visits with the Sr. Carol, Dr. Whyte, and Dr. Vanchiere, our mitigation measures are effective at St. Joseph Catholic School. A few helpful reminders: 

The CDC as well as LA Dept. of Health now recommends that each person (as young as 3) wears a mask. Make sure your little ones have one to wear at school at least in the non-static areas like the hallways and carpool. 

Monitor symptoms. If you think your child is acting abnormally tired or has complained that they felt warm the night before, it may be a sign they are coming down with something. You may need to keep them home. 

If your child is required to quarantine, they will be able to participate in school virtually. This is reserved for students who must do so and this is a 10-14 day requirement, depending upon the situation.