Dear SJS Families, It has been quite the first semester. With everything that has occurred in 2020, we must be very pleased with where we are. As we continue to combat a virus that is beyond our control, let us keep in mind a few matters as we celebrate the Third Week of Advent– a time of joy. 

Even with illnesses and quarantines, we have had a great year thus far. There are many challenges faced and yet, our community remains resilient. Our children have adapted and have persevered in their academics. Our teachers have remained committed to academic excellence. Thank you for not only being understand-ing (and hat has been tested at times) but supportive in the efforts of SJS. Making it through the first semester is a reason for joy. 

Let us not forget that we are school dedicated, as a community, to the work of Christ. We are called to care for one another, build each other up, form young minds, live out virtue, and go forth to meet the needs of others in this community, like feeding and clothing the homeless through our charitable giving. 

It is an emotion of joy to see our school community, who has been through the ringer, still thinking of the needs of others at this time. No matter how difficult the battle may seem. No matter how frustrating the illness or the mitigation measures are, it is a joy to see that we remain rooted in Christ. 

Do not abandon this joy. It is a precious gift. Let us pray that it strengthens within us throughout this season and into 2021. Let us continue to choose joy in prayer, in time with our family, and even sacrificing for our fellow man. Let us continue to pray for a cure for this illness. Let us allow the joy of Christ to guide us each day now, and through the days to come.