ACT Aspire Testing Week is upon us! Our stu-dents need a full night’s rest and a good breakfast so that they can do their best. It is very important that they arrive to school on time for the test as well. 

It is understood that standardized tests leave a bad taste in the mouth. At SJS, we desire to see our kids succeed and be prepared for the next level. By the time our kids leave here, we want them to do very well at a high school such as Loyola. The tests help us to see the strengths of our students and areas of opportunities for growth. St. Joseph Catholic School is committed to providing a Catholic education that is not only forming our students, but challenging them to do better for greater success down the road. Test performance is just once critical element in the process. 

Thank you, parents, for all of the support you have provided for St. Joseph’s this year. We may be exhausted to hear that this has been a year like no other, but still, it is true. Your children have had a different experience in education than anyone can remember. Your support and assistance of St. Joseph Catholic School has al-lowed us to provide a rewarding, in-person ex-perience. Let us pray that we can stay true to our mission and complete the task of the 20-21 school year together!